Since its establishment in 2006, Afghan Morvarid Stone Mining Company (AMSMC) has been focused on the discovery, acquisition, development and marketing of natural resources. This focus has positioned AMSMC as a leader in the global mining and processing industry markets. The development of high quality, yet economical resources ensures the continuity of our products while maintaining a competitively advantageous position in the marketplace.


AMSMC takes pride in the diversity of its products and locations. Our expanding portfolio ensures that geographically AMSMC can work in some of the world’s most challenging environments. The majority of our assets are located in Afghanistan, with additional operations across 5 continents.

Strategic Drivers

  • image Natural Resource Focus
  • image Global Presence
  • image Profitable Growth


The values of AMSMC dictate the manner in which we do business. It is imperative that AMSMC’s principles, standards and policies incorporate our four core values: Accountability, Respect, Teamwork and Integrity. AMSMC holds itself accountable and shows respect to local communities through the conscientious management of our environmental, social and economic impact. As a global company, AMSMC works closely with host countries. This provides a unique teamwork atmosphere based on the integrity of AMSMC and our desire that local communities benefit from our operations. These values will ensure the continued success and growth of AMSMC far into the future.